Mosebacke Horse Sculptures
Angel Horse

Angel Horse

Angel Horse is a Mosebacke Horse created in polymer clay. Height at the withers is 13 cm, total height is 19 cm.

Angel Horse is a bit chubbier than many of the other Mosebacke Horses, but why should an angel always be slender? Why not an angel that stands firmly on the ground?

The body of the Angel Horse has an exciting pattern (of course also made of polymer clay), reminiscent of leaves and leaf shapes in a variety of browns and grays. The wings ranging from white to violet are also created in polymer. Under the hooves you will find small horseshoes in Sterling silver, also handmade at Mosebacke Horses.

Read about Angel Horse in my blog by clicking here. For international readers – click on ”International” in the top menu of the blog to get the translation.

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