Mosebacke Horse Sculptures
Faster than Sleipnir

Faster than Sleipnir

This is a very special horse. It is extremely fast, faster than Sleipnir (Swedish: Snabbare än Sleipner).

Sleipnir was the norse God Odin’s horse and is the best of horses – the fastest one as he has eight legs.

This one has no less than sixteen legs – so he must be ”Faster than Sleipnir”

Faster than Sleipnir is created with a lot of passion. Passion for the color blue and for love and kindness. When I create a horse, it always starts as some kind of daydream. Suddenly my mind and thoughts flow away, creating and trying out new techniques, colors and proportions. I got the inspiration to this horse during a seminar at the Synergy4 conference i Phildadelphia in August 2017. Luckily, it was a conference for artists, so noone thought I was strange when I suddenly started sketching.

So now – here he is: Faster than Sleipnir!

Height: 43 cm

Width: 23 cm

2300 SEK